Hello, Guest . ProRips.Do.Am - is a website where you can find uCoz templates , scripts for uCoz and uCoz graphics . Some templates and scripts are taken from other sites and are checked by uu and some templates are rips of other sites. We are also looking for staff. So if you're interested, do not hesitate to make a request on our forum.
2018-10-15, 9:21 PM
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2018-10-15 at 2:12 PMZerX

1. Upload the content from File Manager folder to your site .(Use FTP for this step)
2. Connect to Control Pannel , ten go to Design-> Template Builder and set template with the content from Template Builder.txt file.
3. Go to Design -> Design Management (CSS) and add the content from Design Management (CSS).txt file.
4. Apply the design for modules from the "Moduels" folder. (You have all you need in the archive)
5. Apply design for GloBal Blocks from Additional folder. (If you want to do this.)
6. (Optional)Create the informers .
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